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Spaceland Presents
The Regent Theater
The Echo
Echo Park Rising Logo


Spaceland Presents
The Regent Theater
The Echo
Echo Park Rising Logo


Mitchell Frank • Spaceland Presents

We were lucky to have worked with Megan at Spaceland Presents, Regent, The Echo, and Echoplex. Megan is one of those uber talented creatives who can generate fantastic graphics and then whip out the necessary code to make it an online reality.

Megan handily organized, created art templates for our multi faceted graphics needs and designed some really incredible fully functional websites. Highly recommend her not only for graphics, websites but for all social and marketing needs as well.

Mitchell Frank, Spaceland Presents, The Echo, Echoplex, The Regent Theater

Radha Vishnubhotla • Spaceland Presents

Working with Megan for 2+ years was an absolute pleasure – she is an incredibly talented multi-faceted designer, and has an outstanding attention to detail. She is always staying ahead of the curve with researching and implementing the most up to date marketing tools.

She takes initiative, knows how to carry out projects start to finish, and has always put in 110%. Her experience with web design, graphic design, UX/UI, social media, and marketing are unparalleled. I can’t recommend her enough for your design / marketing needs!

Radha Vishnubhotla, Spaceland Presents

Nathan Lubeck

Quite simply: Megan rocks. At KCRW, she was a key team member involved in the redesign (which went on to win a 2015 Webby Award) and was integral in countless web build-outs and native applications.

She brings a dedicated work ethic, high skill level and attention to detail when it comes to project management, and she is an exceptional UX/UI designer. Do not pass up the opportunity to work with her.

Nathan Lubeck, KCRW

Sean Habibi

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Megan for nearly two years at KCRW. She is a standout designer, highly organized, meticulous, and a team player. She brings passion to her work and is always open for collaboration.

I’ve seen her tackle projects both big and small with the same high level of commitment and enthusiasm. We’ve worked on large-scale websites, mobile apps, graphic work, and many other projects together.

Sean Habibi, KCRW

Dan Hennessy

Megan is a wonderful teacher, designer, co-worker and mentor. Her avant-garde design style and versatility make her an asset to any employer. Her passion for art and music shines brightly through her impeccable work and ever-growing musical knowledge.

I am confident Megan will exceed the expectations of her employer, and prove to be a valuable addition to the company.

Dan Hennessey, Live Nation

Winston Chenery

Megan does exemplary work. I had the pleasure of working with Megan for the three years at Live Nation. She not only creates terrific designs but does so with efficiency and impressively quick turnaround times.

Megan’s comprehensive skill set, dedicated work ethic, and outgoing personality would make her a great addition to any organization. Highly recommended!

Winston Chenery, Live Nation

Nikki Nargi

Megan is an extremely talented designer. She is detail-oriented, diversified, takes art direction well and turns around tasks at hand in a very proficient manner. I would highly recommend Megan.

Nikki Nargi, Live Nation

Caitlin Shamberg

Megan is fantastic! She’s an amazing designer who understands how design translates across platforms and audiences. She’s extremely organized and a talented project manager. I’d work with her anytime!

Caitlin Shamberg, KCRW