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Becoming A Small Business Owner with Heather Cleverly

Created: 22 Mar 2022

Ever wondered what the transition is like from agency to small business owner? This podcast episode focuses on exactly that! We’re so excited to have Heather Cleverly as our first Sparkly guest! 

What Is Branding In Marketing?

Created: 13 Oct 2021

This is branding 101. Discover what branding is, why it's important, and strategies for how you can get unique branding in place for your business.

Your Sparkly Brand: New Podcast

Created: 05 Oct 2021

Your Sparkly Brand is a podcast designed to inspire and empower women business owners. Megan Gersch and Lauren Tassi host a series of discussions about various branding and marketing topics, ...

How To Make A Website Homepage That Converts

Created: 15 Sep 2021

Want more conversions on your website? Learn the secrets of how to make a website homepage that generates business sales.

How To Choose A Brand Color Palette For Your Business

Created: 08 Sep 2021

Everyone knows that branding is important when it comes to business. You want to make sure that it’s memorable, cohesive and identifiable. One way to do this is by choosing a brand color palette ...

How Web Design Impacts Business Sales

Created: 25 Aug 2021

Learn how web design impacts how visitors feel about your brand, and how to optimize your website to get more conversions.