Your Biggest Year Of Holiday Sales Yet

Created: 26 Nov 2019  / Categories: Graphic Design, Marketing, Social Media

The holidays are almost here! And this usually means a few things for businesses: Paid ads costs go WAYYY WAYYY up. There’s a lot more competition out there for goods bought

Sold Out Shows Start With These 4 Principles

Created: 02 Apr 2019  / Categories: Marketing

At my last job, agents would regularly ask us (the promoter) for our marketing plan.  Why? They wanted to see if the budget was being allocated in a way that

Stand Out from the Crowd and Get Sponsored with These Pitch Tips

Created: 19 Mar 2019  / Categories: Marketing

From time to time, I will ask the folks in my VIP Facebook group what they’d like to learn or what they need help with. (You can get access when

Establish Credibility & Build Potential Client Relationships by Growing Your Instagram Audience

Created: 04 Mar 2019  / Categories: Marketing, Social Media

Last week, I received a question in my VIP Facebook group, and I felt compelled to expand on the answer to that question here. The question was “how do I

Feeling Stuck? My Simple Solution for Motivation…

Created: 25 Feb 2019  / Categories: Creative Direction, Marketing

A few weeks ago, my husband and I had a week where we were out every night of the week. Between shows, nights out with friends, and meetings, our week

4 Positioning Tactics That Every Musician Ought To Know

Created: 31 Jan 2019  / Categories: Creative Direction, Marketing

When I was in high school, I would go to 3-4 shows a week, sometimes more. I just loved live music so much. Before I could drive, my mom would

Tech-y Tips for Merch Design

Created: 18 Jan 2019  / Categories: Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Marketing

If you’ve been following my posts over the past few days, we have been exploring the various aspects of merchandise design, and why it’s important.  Hopefully, by now, you have

The Art of Creating & Selling More Merchandise

Created: 17 Jan 2019  / Categories: Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Marketing

The importance of solid merchandise designs is no secret to folks in the music biz. They’re not only a reflection of your brand (or band!), but also can be a

[CASE STUDY] How I Made My Client Stand Out In 3 Days

Created: 16 Jan 2019  / Categories: Creative Direction, Graphic Design

A few months ago, an old friend that I used to book shows with back in college reached out to me. I hadn’t talked to this guy in a few