<p>© 2021, Megan Gersch. All rights reserved.</p>

© 2021, Megan Gersch. All rights reserved.


Small Business Branding Opportunities On Instagram

Created: 29 Jan 2021  / Categories: Branding, Social Media

Is your small business leveraging every possible branding opportunity on Instagram? In this article, I explore 5 different placements that you can use to strengthen brand recognition while ...

Tiktok Marketing: Profile Optimization In 6 Easy Steps

Created: 18 Jan 2021  / Categories: Marketing, Social Media

If you run a business, I highly recommend that you use TikTok marketing as a tool to attract your ideal clients. The first step to having success on the platform is setting up your profile ...

Checkout Flow Optimization That Drives Sales

Created: 12 Jan 2021  / Categories: Marketing, Website Design

Are you struggling to make more sales in your business? Then you've come to the right place. I want to show you three different ways that you can potentially streamline your marketing and your ...

How To Craft A Marketing Strategy That Can Boost Your Business’ Sales

Created: 30 Aug 2020  / Categories: Marketing

A marketing strategy directly impacts the success of a business. It helps you to define your overall goals with your product / service, and summarizes the steps that need be executed in order to ...

Iconography Design Details That Set Your Brand Apart From Competitors

Created: 18 May 2020  / Categories: Branding, Creative Direction, Graphic Design

For the past few weeks, I have been working with one of my clients on revamping their website. This particular client is a music licensing company that works with high end brands to place ...

4 Marketing Tools That You Need To Check Out

Created: 05 May 2020  / Categories: Marketing, Social Media

As I expand the marketing for my business, I always look for tools that accomplish one or more of these: Save time. Automate. Create opportunity. When you use great tools, workflow ...

Want More Website Sales?

Created: 01 Apr 2020  / Categories: Marketing, Website Design

Who doesn't want more website sales? A lot of brick and mortar businesses have hit me up this week because they have been shifting their strategy to focus more on their digital marketing strategy.

Your Biggest Year Of Holiday Sales Yet

Created: 26 Nov 2019  / Categories: Graphic Design, Marketing, Social Media

The holidays are almost here! Businesses are ramping up their promotions in efforts, in strife to have their best year of holiday sales yet. And this usually means a few things: Paid ads ...

Standout Logo Design Secrets Needed To Scale Your Biz

Created: 11 Jun 2019  / Categories: Branding, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Marketing

So it’s time to take your business to the next level. You’ve got a solid product or service, you’ve got your feet wet in the market, but now you need to figure out how to scale, in a BIG WAY.

Sold Out Shows Start With These 4 Principles

Created: 02 Apr 2019  / Categories: Marketing

A calendar full of sold out shows is every music promoter's dream. I used to work at one of the most well known live music companies in LA, and agents would regularly ask us for our marketing plan.