A few months ago, an old friend that I used to book shows with back in college reached out to me.

I hadn’t talked to this guy in a few years – we had fallen out of touch.

We had a call to catch up, and he explained that he had become the Head of Production at a sound & music production company. 

I was super excited to hear this news! 

Through a lot of hard work and probably a little bit of luck, we had both wound up doing what we loved in the music biz. 

He went on to explain that I had come to mind, when they had a series of design projects pop up that they needed help with. 

I was humbled and honored that he would think of me, even after a few years of drifting apart. 

He went on to disclose that his company had a few meetings set up with potential clients, and the design projects would span from invitations to physical merchandise takeaways, amongst other things.

After chatting with him, I knew that not only would this be a super fun endeavor, but also that I would be met with the same passion and enthusiasm from this client. 

He understood the value of delighting his audience with a small token of appreciation, even though it would come at a small production cost to him.

That little bit of thought – the kind of thing where people go the extra mile – is how companies land business. This is the kind of gesture that will set you apart from everyone else in the game. 

One of my favorite designs that came out of that series of projects was this tote bag design: 

They wanted a minimalist record player design, with their logo as the record. It was a pretty rad concept to get to play with.

Not to mention, the client LOVED the design. They were so pleased that it was simple, yet on brand, and best of all – that we nailed down this design (with revisions) in only 3 days. They were stoked to give these totes out at their meetings.

In the next couple of days, I’ll be sharing some of my ideas on merch items that make a splash. 

The ideas that I’ll be sharing will be more of a blueprint for generating merch ideas that will stand out.

If you’re reading this and you need help with a merch design right away, shoot me an email with your ideas, and I’ll get you hooked up with a custom quote – holla@megangersch.com.

Whether you’re in a band or in business, your merch can play a significant role in the impression that you make on your audience. 

If you want to give yourself a head start, make sure to grab my Delicious Design Checklist, if you haven’t already. It’s packed with tools and tips for developing a killer brand, and having those guidelines in place will make merch creation that much easier.