I get it – the Facebook Ad Manager can be daunting, with the interface getting more and more complex by the minute.

Some of my clients have spent hundreds of dollars testing Facebook ads without much to show for conversions. That can be discouraging in and of itself.

And with so much competition out there, you want to break through the noise to make sure that your message is heard.

Here’s a few key tips for making your marketing dollars go farther in your Facebook ads:

1. Run your Facebook ad with a lifetime budget, instead of a daily budget.

While the daily budget might seem like the more appealing option for those that like to “set it and forget it,” the lifetime budget option gives you a lot more control on when your ad is shown to your audience.

This means that you can target exactly what days and hours that your ad is shown to your audience. Simply look at your past ads to see when your ads have converted the best, and set up your ads to be shown on those days and times. Easy peasy.

2. When setting the detailed targeting within your Facebook ad, turn off interest expansion.

This tells Facebook to only look at the targeting that you define, not related targeting based on their algorithms.

No one knows your audience better than you do, and turning off interest expansion will focus your ad spend on the specific targeting that you set.

3. Edit placements for your Facebook ad.

The best bang for your buck is usually Facebook Feeds and Instagram Feeds. Depending on your audience, I’d also recommend testing out ads within Facebook Messenger.

Take a look at your past ads to see what percentage of your users are viewing on mobile vs desktop. If you see a majority of your conversions coming from mobile, you can update your new Facebook ad to only display on mobile.

Always take cues from your past data- and use that data to double down on what’s working.

4. Narrow your audience beyond the standard interest targeting.

By telling Facebook that you want to reach a person that checks boxes A and B, instead of just box A, you’re going to be hitting a more specific type of person.

Take a look at Facebook’s Browse function within detailed targeting to find specific behaviors that would create a more specific target for who you want to speak to.

For example – if you’re in a band, say you’re promoting your upcoming show. For the targeting on Facebook, you add a few popular bands that sound like your band, thinking that if the audience likes that type of music, then they might be interested in your show.

By narrowing the audience to people that have clicked “interested” on upcoming events, you’re increasing your chances that the person that sees the ad will A) like your music, and B) want to go out to a live performance. See what I mean?

And there you have it – 4 easy tweaks that will help to optimize your Facebook ad spend.

Want even more help with your Facebook ads? I offer done-for-you ad set-up and optimization within my services. Book a call with me, and I’d love to chat with you to see how we might be able to work together.