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Underrated Presents Branding

Underrated Presents Branding

Project Description

Underrated Presents is a music event promoter and curator based in Los Angeles, CA. Featuring an eclectic variety of DJs and artists, Underrated creates unique experiences in the electronic dance space.

This promoter was excited to get some cohesive brand elements in place as they relaunch after the pandemic.


Design Features

  • Minimal, yet unique design elements show that the brand is modern, edgy, and accessible at the same time.
  • The bespoke vector textures can be used in a variety of scenarios and to add depth to graphics, the website, and other applications.
  • Photos use a two-tone treated color effect alongside minimal and bold font choices to create an avant-garde feel.


Project Details

  • Client: Underrated Presents
  • Category: Branding / Creative Direction / Graphic Design
Underrated Presents Branding

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