I think we can all agree that Instagram is vital component to a successful marketing plan in the live music space.

People love looking at pictures, and Insta is a great platform for telling your band’s visual story.

Here’s a handful of tips that you can implement on your account right now to get more engagement:

  1. Use photos / videos without text on them to expand the reach. That’s right, NO MORE FLYERS. The more text in the photo, the more likely the algorithm is going to downplay your post.
  2. Keep your captions short and sweet. You’ll notice that lately Insta has shortened the captions to only show the first two lines of text. That’s not by accident. More and more, the platform is driving focus to the image part of the post.
  3. Post at times when your audience is most engaged. If you have a business account, use those analytics tools to find out what the best times are for your band.
  4. Put your hashtags in the original caption. Posting in the second comment will decrease your post’s reach.
  5. Always add a location tag to posts and stories. This will make your post show up in the location-based search, which will expose your post to someone that might be browsing that location.
  6. Follow your best fans and like / comment on their posts. These fans often will become your band’s ambassadors, which means free word-of-mouth promo for you!
  7. Create content for IG TV. This is the new vertical-format YouTube-style feature for Instagram, where you can upload video that is up to one hour long. A lot of bands are leveraging this feature for more polished, professionally-shot content to showcase new projects. Think of it as your YouTube channel inside of Instagram.
  8. Try going Live in Insta Stories. This is a great way to interact with fans on the fly. There are so many possibilities with how to use this feature – giveaways, interviews, live footage of shows, etc.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

What other strategies are you using to get the most out of Instagram? Comment below with one tip that has worked for your band.