If you run a business, I highly recommend that you use TikTok marketing as a tool to attract your ideal clients.

It’s a social media platform that has amazing opportunity for organic promotion. Every video that is created has potential to go viral – without spending a single marketing dollar. Many businesses are blowing up overnight with a single post.

The first step to having success on the platform is setting up your profile properly.

In this video, I show you 6 ways that you can optimize your TikTok profile so that you can make more sales in your business.

Tiktok Profile - Add Keywords To Your Name Field And Bio Text

1.  Include keywords in your name field and in your bio text.

Tick Tock has machine based learning and so when you use keywords both in your name field and in your bio. This will help to signal to the tick tock algorithm what your content is going to be about.


2. Include a clear high res photo of yourself.

This is a photo that should show the majority of your face.

Bonus points if you can include some of your brand colors, or if you can include some kind of prop, or something that speaks to your personality.


3. Link to both your Instagram and your YouTube.

At this point in time, Tiktok allows creators to add these links to their profiles. You can update this by going to your profile, clicking the Edit Profile button below your profile image, and then scrolling down to the Instagram / Youtube section.


4. If you’re able to add a link to the link space in your profile, do it!

Some creators opt for Linktree style page that contains multiple links within it.

If you’re going to go this route, make sure that you limit the links that you include in that Linktree style page. If somebody clicks through on that link tree and there’s too many options within that list, they may get overwhelmed and just exit out.

This is a page that you can always edit later, and swap out the links or change their order.

I recommend placing your most important call to action at the very top of your list so that people don’t miss it.

Tiktok Profile - Add Covers To Your Videos


5. It should be extremely clear when somebody lands on your profile how they might be able to benefit from your content.

You can call this out in your profile bio text.

You can also use the covers feature within your content to show the benefit of what each content piece is going to be about.

For example, since I talk a lot about web design on my channel, one of the video covers in my feed might read “3 Simple Hacks To Getting More Website Sales.”

When adding covers for your videos it’s extremely important to focus on the benefit that it might bring to the audience. Think about what you could include there that would pique their curiosity and make them want to click through to watch that video.


6. Include a call to action in your bio text.

This should describe what somebody what they could get when they click the link in your profile.

For example, I offer a website optimization checklist freebie and in my bio. I call out to that freebie and I also add an emoji that points down to it, so that it’s extremely clear where people can find it.

I truly hope that this was helpful to you! Comment down below with the tip that helped you the most.

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